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Filter Solutions

incorporating IONIC+™ technology
Flexible integration
can be easily fitted into existing installations
tested against SARS-CoV2 with 99.8% efficacy
No change of pressure
minimal pressure loss across all systems

Evidence confirms that coronavirus can remain airborne for longer times and for further distances than originally believed and that virus particles spread between individuals more readily indoors than outdoors. The research suggests that clean, disinfected air plays a vital role in preventing the spread and ventilation systems, whether natural or mechanical assist.

SilverGuard filters are an antimicrobial filter fabric that can be used in HVAC systems. It is made using a proprietary blend of nonwoven spunbond nylon microfibres impregnated with IONIC+ silver particles. The filter can be added to new filtration systems and can be easily retrofitted into existing installations.

Developed with PureAir, this technology adds an important layer of protection that is not currently offered on the market. When integrated as layers into a filter, it inactivates and kills any microbes captured by the filter. This provides added protection to all staff, visitors and in particular to the maintenance team when working on the systems.

Easy to install and a cost-effective antimicrobial solution. Comparable products on the market mainly use an antimicrobial coating. IONIC+ is not a coating nor nanotechnology, the silver particles are infused into the fibres, instead of coating the outside of fibres like traditional technology.

To understand more about the IONIC+ technology please see Why Silver?

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