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Reusable Antimicrobial Textiles
Reusable Antimicrobial Textiles

Clinically proven to reduce bacteria on fabrics within 1-4 hours

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Natural Defence
Natural Defence

Pure silver. Pure Protection.

Why use silver?
Currently used by over 20,000 medical personnel
Currently used by over 20,000 medical personnel

Reduces 99.9% of bacteria pathogens on fabrics within a 1 to 4 hour period.

Who we are
Clinically proven infection prevention
Clinically proven infection prevention

IONIC+ pure silver kills bacteria

Branded options available
Antimicrobial, washable & reusable
Fast delivery options & made in the UK
Custom design & branded options available
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SilverGuard antimicrobial protection

Reusable, antimicrobial textile products

SilverGuard, powered by IONIC+™ *, produces antimicrobial textile solutions. SilverGuard uses Noble Biomaterials Inc renowned IONIC+™ antimicrobial silver thread technology. SilverGuard has the ability to deliver a wide range of fabric derived products across industries including healthcare, retail, hospitality and leisure.

SilverGuard combats soft surface bacterial contamination and our antimicrobial face masks can reduce the spread of Coronavirus and other dangerous airborne diseases.

*Formerly known as X-STATIC®

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SilverGuard facemasks

Clinically proven to reduce infection pathogens on soft surfaces by 99%

SilverGuard Technology

Using pure metallic silver permanently woven into the fabric has been proven to last for the lifespan of the product. Within 4 hours of the fabric making contact with the bacteria, 99.9% of the organisms will be eliminated. 

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