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Our Story

SilverGuard, powered by IONIC+, produces antimicrobial textile solutions

SilverGuard, powered by IONIC+*, produces antimicrobial textile solutions. SilverGuard uses Noble Biomaterials Inc renowned IONIC+ antimicrobial silver thread technology. Noble develops, manufactures, sells and markets advanced antimicrobial technologies designed to manage all forms of antimicrobial contamination.

SilverGuard is also able to deliver antimicrobial textile solutions worldwide with our South African partner SilverGuard South Africa. Our antimicrobial textile products are already used by some of the world’s leading organisations in other countries.

*Formerly known as X-STATIC®

The Team

Meet Tahira, Lynn and Stephanie.

On a mission to keep our families safe during the pandemic, three school Mums from East London used our time in lockdown to set up a company. The target – to eliminate viruses including Covid-19. While juggling home schooling, self-isolation and everything else in between, we set up SilverGuard, a UK-based antimicrobial textiles business, developing pioneering products to help people stay safe at home.  

The idea of launching the company had been floating around the school gates, but the pandemic gave us the drive to actually move forward with it. Collectively our backgrounds are in healthcare, textiles and sustainability and with people becoming more aware about airborne diseases in light of the pandemic we started to manufacture and sell antimicrobial face masks and snoods. 

We then set our sights on bringing our anti-viral products into people’s homes, so we developed a range of Supima cotton bed linen ready along with 100% organic cotton towels which includes a range of baby towels to protect and reassure new parents.

The idea for SilverGuard was born when Tahira worked supporting overseas surgeons and was introduced to IONIC+ technology which uses pure silver thread to destroy bacteria, fungi, mould, and viruses in the healthcare environment. Tahira realised this technology could be extended into people’s homes and together with the expertise of her fellow school mums, the business developed from there. 



self-sanitising IONIC+ silver technology works against bacteria and viruses, including Covid-19


Fast Acting

reduces 99.9% of pathogens on fabric


Healthier Skin

eliminates acne-causing bacteria


Environmentally Friendly

IONIC+ cannot be washed out, helps to extend the life of a product and products can be washed at a lower temperature


Anti Odour

kills bacteria which causes odours