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Natural defence. Pure silver. Pure protection.

An antimicrobial baby and children's clothing range incorporating IONIC silver thread to give comfortable clothing which is kind to skin





Frequently Asked Questions

What are e-gift cards?

e-gift cards are electronic gift cards that are sent to you by email. They can be used for shopping online at

Where can I use my e-gift card?

You can use your e-gift card to purchase items online (applied in the Payment Details section during checkout).

Is there an expiry period for my e-gift card?

e-gift cards are valid for 12 months from the day of purchase.

Do your e-gift cards contain a single use voucher code?

Yes, our e-gift cards contain a single use voucher code. This means the voucher code can only be redeemed once. 

If you wish to have separate vouchers of lower monetary values then please enter multiples of the quantity you require. For example, you wish to have four separate vouchers with a value of £10 each, then select the £10 voucher denomination and then put in four in the quantity box. This is 4 x 10.  This will create four £10 vouchers for you in one order worth a total of £40. These can then be redeemed on separate purchases.

What are the e-gift card terms and conditions?

SilverGuard e-gift cards can be used or redeemed online in the UK,, only.

e-gift cards are available in the following denominations: £10, £25, £50 and £100 – with a minimum value of £10 and a maximum value of £100, as applicable.

e-gift cards are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase, after such time the e-gift card shall expire.

e-gift cards contain a single use voucher code and can only be used once. e-gift cards may be exchanged for goods the price of which being equal to or lower than the balance or value of the e-gift card. The e-gift card can be used as a complete or partial payment. If a purchase exceeds the redeemer's e-gift card value, the remaining amount must be paid with another method of payment. If you do not spend the entire balance on an e-gift card, the remaining balance will be lost.

e-gift card codes cannot be used in conjunction with other SilverGuard codes.

e-gift cards will be dispatched by email to the designated email account provided to us, as soon as is feasibly possible after receipt of cleared payment for the e-gift card.

SilverGuard shall not be liable or responsible for e-gift cards that are unable to be delivered due to user error (for example, typing errors, misspelt or incorrect email addresses), spam filters, firewalls or mailbox restrictions.

e-gift cards cannot be resold, transferred for value or exchanged for cash. 

e-gift cards cannot be returned or refunded, except in accordance with your legal rights.

SilverGuard shall not be liable or responsible for lost, stolen, destroyed or damaged e-gift cards, or if the e-gift card is used without your permission. SilverGuard is unable to replace e-gift cards if lost or stolen.

By purchasing, using or accepting e-gift cards you confirm your acknowledgement and acceptance of these terms and conditions. SilverGuard reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions from time to time, without notice and to take appropriate action it deems such action necessary. This does not affect your legal rights. SilverGuard is the sole issuer and obligator to you. 



self-sanitising IONIC+ silver technology works against bacteria and viruses, including Covid-19


Environmentally Friendly

IONIC+ cannot be washed out, helps to extend the life of a product and products can be washed at a lower temperature


Comfortable & Breathable

breathability and comfort all day long


Kind to Skin

IONIC+ allows for healthier skin by tackling redness and skin irritations by eliminating bacteria which can cause these irritations


Anti Odour

kills bacteria which causes odours