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woven with self sanitising IONIC+™ yarn
Eliminates acne-causing bacteria
leaving skin feeling fresher for longer
kills the bacteria that causes odours

An antimicrobial towelling range incorporating IONIC+™ silver thread to keep your skin feeling fresher for longer.

Frequently Asked Questions

The wet and humid environment in bathrooms provide the ideal conditions for bacteria and mould to flourish. SilverGuard self-sanitising towels offer antimicrobial protection which has been clinically proven to reduce 99% of bacteria. The anti-bacterial properties of the IONIC+ silver thread technology eliminates both acne and odour-causing bacteria meaning you benefit from cleaner, clearer and healthier skin as well as fresher smelling towels for longer.

SilverGuard’s IONIC+™ antimicrobial silver thread technology has been clinically proven to reduce 99% of bacteria and viruses. Our antimicrobial silver is just pure silver, which means it is not a topical coating, nor do we use nanotechnology. Our products are perfectly safe for your skin, children and pets.

Like traditional towels, before you use your SilverGuard towel product for the first time please wash it. This is important for two reasons; an initial wash washes away any loose fibres that were not removed during the manufacturing process and secondly, it also helps make your towel more absorbent by removing any residual softening treatments used in the manufacturing process. 

SilverGuard towels, like traditional cotton towels, can be washed at temperatures of up to 60°C. White towels should be washed separately or with other white items to avoid subtle discolouration over time. Avoid the use of fabric softeners. If tumble drying towels, use low heat to preserve your towels' softness. SilverGuard towels can be laundered over 100 times.

If you find a pulled thread on your towel, these can simply be trimmed off, as towels are woven and not knitted.

It is generally recommended that you should wash your towels after every 3-5 uses. SilverGuard towels are woven with IONIC+ silver thread which gives the product antimicrobial properties, acting against bacteria.

Our towels comprise 93% cotton and 7% silver.

Our towels are manufactured in South Africa.


Our towels are 520 gsm woven cotton come in three sizes:

·       Bath Towel: 70 x 130 cm

·       Hand Towel: 50 x 90 cm

·       Face Cloth: 32 x 32 cm 


At present, our towel range comes in one colour – white. We are looking to add more colours to the range soon, as well as introducing other towel products such as bathmats and bath sheets.


Compared to our SilverGuard face masks and medical textile products where you can clearly see the silver thread, SilverGuard towelling products contain the silver IONIC+ component which is buried inside the yarn. You may be able to see the silver extruded thread alongside the cotton with the naked eye. It looks like a traditional towel.

SilverGuard’s IONIC+™ antimicrobial silver thread technology has been clinically proven to reduce 99% of bacteria and viruses.

Our towel products have also received Standard 100 Oeko-Tex certification, which certifies that it supports human ecology through biocompatibility and absence of harmful substances in the manufacturing process.

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