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SilverGuard’s new organic cotton towel range – wrap yourself up in soft, ultra absorbent luxury!


Complementing our bed linen range, SilverGuard is launching an organic cotton towel range incorporating IONIC+ antimicrobial technology. Our new towel range is made using the finest organic cotton fibres, giving a super soft feel, maximum absorbency and which is also kind on your skin and the environment – giving you the ideal bathroom experience.

Wrapping yourself up in an organic towel is the ideal way to be sustainable and environmentally conscious in your everyday life. Our new range of 600 gsm towels products, from hooded baby towels to bath towels, are made from 90% organic cotton and 10% IONIC+ silver to give you soft, luxurious, absorbent towels that are both safe for your skin and better for the planet. The wet and humid environment in a bathroom provides ideal conditions for bacteria and mould to flourish, IONIC+ helps to combat this, and making the switch to SilverGuard towels one way in which you can make more sustainable choices.

Why SilverGuard Towels?

  • Organic Cotton

Cotton is widely accepted at the best fabric to use for towels as it produces a soft and absorbent fabric, and organic cotton is the most sustainable choice. Why? Organic cotton is a cleaner alternative to conventional cotton that is sustainably grown, processed, and manufactured. Growing organic cotton does not use pesticides or GMOs and it uses less water and has lower CO2 emissions compared to traditional cottons. To demonstrate this, all our organic cotton towel products carry the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) standard. In addition to ensuring the fibres used were grown organically, GMO-free without synthetic pesticides or fertilisers, the GOTS standard also ensures that fabric and products were produced in a socially and environmentally responsible way. Unlike synthetic agricultural and production methods, the entire organic process allows cotton fibres to retain their strength for year-after-year durability.

  • Environmentally Friendly

The whole organic process is inherently more sustainable and environmentally friendly than traditional methods. From the onset growing organic cotton is a far more responsible use of farmable land and fresh water, than conventional, and does not use pesticides. Also our towels are made from 90% organic cotton and 10% IONIC+ silver they will last longer than traditional towels: as stated above the organic cotton process allows fibres to retain strength, while the IONIC+ silver means that products can be laundered at lower temperatures and less frequently which also helps to extend the life of the towel. In addition, SilverGuard towel products have also received the Standard 100 Oeko-Tex certification, which certifies that it supports human ecology through biocompatibility and absence of harmful substances in the manufacturing process.

  • Antimicrobial

Our towels are made using a blend of organic cotton and IONIC+ silver thread. The IONIC+ silver thread is weaved through the organic cotton which prevents the growth of bacteria, fungi and other germs. Why is this important? Your towel can be a hosts to numerous bacteria, fungi, bodily secretions, along with dead skin cells. These microbes are continually multiplying, particularly if they are hung to dry in a moist, dark place like some bathrooms. The IONIC+ silver thread technology works to prevent the growth of bacteria, making your bathroom environment a safer and cleaner place in between laundering and cleaning.

  • Healthier Skin and Skin Health Alliance Accreditation

All skin types require soft, delicate fabric, especially on the face, and cotton often is the first choice as a natural fibre. The use of both organic cotton and IONIC+ silver thread technology in our towels help ensure you skin stays healthy two-fold. By using organic cotton we ensure that our towel products have not been treated with chemicals, both during the growing of cotton and when the towels are made, which can irritate your skin; particularly if you have sensitive skin or eczema. This also means that individuals involved in the growing and manufacturing process are also less exposed to such chemicals, which benefits the entire supply chain. And because organic cotton keeps its natural properties, it does not just last longer, it also stays softer for longer too. 

You will also enjoy cleaner, clearer and healthier skin when using our towels with the IONIC+ silver thread technology incorporated into the towels as this eliminates acne-causing bacteria.

SilverGuard has also become the first ever textiles company to receive the internationally recognised Skin Health Alliance (SHA) dermatological accreditation. The SHA “dermatologically accredited” mark is an independent assurance that provides customers assurance that products have met a standardised set of skin safety requirements which have been agreed upon by leading international dermatologists and skin scientists.

  • Anti Odour

Say goodbye to musty smelling face cloths, hand towels and bath towels when you use SilverGuard antimicrobial towel products. The same silver thread technology which acts on acne-causing bacteria also works to eliminate odour-producing bacteria found on the towel surface.

The SilverGuard Towel Range

Make SilverGuard organic towels your first choice for your home and bathroom. The range currently comes in white and includes face cloths, hand towels, bath towels and hooded baby towels.



For more information please contact us at:

SilverGuard Ltd


t: 0207 538 2678


SilverGuard is a UK-based company which produces an antimicrobial textile range using Noble biomaterials renowned IONIC+ antimicrobial silver thread technology. Our current consumer product range includes bed linens, face coverings and aprons. New products which will be launched in 2022 include tea towels, wash bags and more.

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