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SilverGuard antimicrobial face masks are now available to purchase from Amazon


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SilverGuard are pleased to announce that our antimicrobial face masks are now available for general retail on Amazon. 

As of early May 2020, 88% of the world’s population lives in countries that recommend or mandate the use of face coverings in public. With the recent surge in Covid-19 cases in the UK, the introduction of tiered local coronavirus restrictions and further country-wide lockdowns, the need to remain vigilant against the risk of spreading and controlling human coronavirus is clear. 

Our masks (RRP £14.99) are available for purchase on Amazon, and come in two styles – cupped or pleated, two sizes – regular and large, and a choice of four colours – black, navy, red and grey. 

SilverGuard antimicrobial face masks are:

  • Safe: a 3-layer mask as recommended by the WHO, which includes the self-sanitising IONIC+™ antimicrobial silver layer plus a polypropylene filter layer giving added assurance
  • Environmentally friendly: our masks are reusable, can be washed over 100 times, and contain no nanotechnology. With the self-sanitising IONIC+™ antimicrobial layer, our masks do not have be washed daily, only needing to be washed when soiled
  • Cost effective: our reusable masks are 10 times cheaper than disposable masks (when compared against using 1-2 disposable masks per day over a one year period)
  • Comfortable and breathable: anti-odour and anti-fog protection offer breathability and comfort for all-day wear, including an adjustable nose bridge for a more comfortable fit


 Available to buy on Amazon:


Please note that our face masks are not intended as a medical device, nor are a replacement for normal precautionary hygiene measures including hand washing and social distancing.


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