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SilverGuard: Three Mums Who Are On A Quest To Beat COVID-19


Whilst juggling home-schooling and self-isolating (and everything else in between), three mums set up SilverGuard, a UK-based, antimicrobial textiles business. Their products help people to stay safe at home.

SilverGuard produces an antimicrobial textile range, using Noble Biomaterials’ renowned IONIC+ antimicrobial silver thread technology. The current product range includes face masks, snoods, aprons, bed linens, organic towels, and tea towels (with new products, such as wash bags launching soon).

The products are:

  • Antimicrobial and safe: they’re clinically-proven to reduce 99.9% of pathogens on fabric, including SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19),
  • Self-sanitising: the products don’t require changing or cleaning after use: they ONLY need to be laundered when soiled, as the products containing silver-thread technology are self-sanitising (less laundering means less energy and less water usage, which also results in a longer product life),
  • Eco-friendly: their silver thread technology doesn’t use nanotechnology or a chemical coating,
  • Anti-odour: the products inhibit the growth of odour-producing bacteria, keeping them smelling fresher for longer,
  • Anti-acne: AND, they eliminate ACNE-causing bacteria, leaving your skin feeling fresher for longer.

Alongside this, SilverGuard has also developed other antimicrobial products, too. These are more suited for healthcare and ventilation, such as scrubs and air filters, for instance. 

“The idea of launching a company had been floating around the school gates for ages, but the pandemic gave us the drive to actually move forward with it. Collectively, our backgrounds are in healthcare, textiles, and in sustainability. With people becoming more aware about airborne diseases in light of the pandemic, we started out by manufacturing and selling antimicrobial face masks and snoods,” said Tahira Webb, one SilverGuard’s Founders.

“We then set our sights on bringing our anti-viral products into people’s homes, so we developed aprons, Supima cotton bed linens, and 100% organic cotton towels (which includes a range of baby towels to protect, and to reassure new parents),” said Lynn Bew, another Co-Founder.

Prior to launching SilverGuard, Tahira’s background has been in both marketing, and in healthcare. Her marketing skills were honed whilst she was the Marketing and Events Manager for She then developed new expertise in health travel, – managing patients needs and supporting surgeons overseas. This brought to the forefront, the issue of healthcare-acquired infections, and the need to manage these.

And this is where the idea for SilverGuard was born: the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has reinforced the need for both businesses and consumers to require cost effective, safe and immediate solutions to manage antimicrobial contamination in healthcare settings and beyond, and SilverGuard has managed to fill this growing demand.

It all started when Tahira was working to support overseas surgeons. It was during this time that she was first introduced to IONIC+ technology (which uses pure silver thread to destroy bacteria, fungi, mould, and viruses in a healthcare environment).

IONIC+ technology releases silver ions (which attacks the membrane, – causing damage inside the bacteria cell). They bind to essential cell components (such as DNA), to prevent the bacteria from performing their most basic functions. Tahira quickly realised that this technology could be extended into people’s homes, and together, with the expertise of her fellow school mums, – the idea developed from there. 

“As consumers, we are becoming more conscious about health, hygiene, and more sustainable ways of living. SilverGuard’s antimicrobial products provides a practical, cost effective, and environmentally-friendly solution, but NOT at the expense of quality and luxury. The idea is to supply our customers with a wide range of products that they can use in their home to help them feel that little bit safer,” said SilverGuard’s Stephanie Dunn-Moorhouse.

Since launching, already, one of SilverGuard’s face masks has been tagged as an ‘Amazon’s Choice.’ During 2020, the brand became a member of British Safety Industry Federation (BSIF), AND a member of its Registered Safety Supplier Scheme (RSSS).

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