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SilverGuard becomes the first ever textiles company to achieve Skin Health Alliance Dermatological Accreditation


The SHA “dermatologically accredited” mark demonstrates to our consumers that SilverGuard takes its scientific and clinical research seriously and cares about promoting the importance of healthy skin.

UK based SilverGuard has become the first ever textiles company to receive the internationally recognised Skin Health Alliance (SHA) dermatological accreditation. As consumers are becoming more conscious about product safety, wellness, and self-care as well as more sustainable ways of living we believe our antimicrobial textile products offer a practical, cost effective and environmentally friendly solution, but not at the expense of quality and luxury. The SHA “dermatologically accredited” mark is an independent assurance that provides customers assurance that products have met a standardised set of skin safety requirements which have been agreed upon by leading international dermatologists and skin scientists.

Why is healthy skin important?

Healthy skin isn’t just about appearance, your skin performs lots of essential tasks for your body. Skin protects your body from viruses and bacteria as well as the sun's rays that can damage cells. Having healthy skin helps your body regulate temperature and allows you to react better to important changes around you by feeling pain or pressure. 

At SilverGuard we consider the impact of a fabric on your skin, during the early product design phase. We incorporate IONIC+ silver thread technology into all our products which provides an added layer of skin protection. Silver has historically been used in medicine and science for its incredible antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties and the use of IONIC+ silver thread in our products has been proven to prevent the growth of bacteria, fungi and other germs. 

SilverGuard and the Skin Health Alliance

By seeking SHA accreditation, SilverGuard has actively demonstrated to an independent team of expert dermatologists that our textile products and accompanying claims are evidenced with robust scientific and clinical research. SHA have also recognised SilverGuard as meeting international regulatory standards for skin care, in addition to sustainability and environmental concerns.

Tahira Webb, Director at SilverGuard, “We are thrilled to have received this accreditation and the reassurance for our customers that our products are skin safe, showing that the science behind our products and their claims have been verified by independent dermatologists”.

James Stalley, Director of Business Development at the SHA, "The Skin Health Alliance is delighted to be partnered with SilverGuard at the early stages of the brand's journey. It is also the first partnership of its kind in the textiles industry for our organisation. By having Skin Health Alliance accreditation, it shows consumers that SilverGuard takes its customers' skin safety and product efficacy very seriously".

SilverGuard and SHA Dermatologically Accredited Products

The SHA accreditation applies to the entire SilverGuard product range,,  including our range of antimicrobial bedding and towels. Products include:

  • SilverGuard Towels 

For choosing a towel, all skin types require soft, delicate fabric, especially on the face, and cotton often is the first choice as a natural fibre. The use of both organic cotton and IONIC+ silver thread technology in our towels helps ensure you skin stays healthy two-fold. By using organic cotton, we ensure that our towel products have not been treated with chemicals, both during the growing of cotton and when the towels are made, which can irritate your skin; particularly if you have sensitive skin or eczema. You will also enjoy cleaner, clearer and healthier skin when using our towels with the IONIC+ silver thread technology incorporated into the towels as the silver works to eliminate acne-causing bacteria. More product information is available here.

  • SilverGuard Pillowcases

Like all our bedding products, SilverGuard pillowcases are made from a blend of Supima cotton and IONIC+ silver thread. Studies have found unwashed pillowcases and sheets had several thousand times more bacteria than a toilet seat. As your bed linen comes into contact with your skin for around eight hours a day, particularly your face, traditional fabrics collect bacteria, only to transfer back onto your skin causing acne-prone skin to break out. SilverGuard pillowcases allow for healthier skin by tackling acne, redness, and skin irritations as the silver thread technology eliminate acne-causing bacteria working to reduce breakouts on the skin. More product information is available here.


For more information, please contact us at:

SilverGuard Ltd


t: 020 7538 2678


SilverGuard is a UK-based company which produces an antimicrobial textile range using Noble Biomaterials renowned IONIC+ antimicrobial silver thread technology. Our current consumer product range includes bed linens, towels, face coverings and aprons. New products which will be launched in 2022 include tea towels, wash bags and more.

Skin Health Alliance

t: 020 7391 6070


The Skin Health Alliance (SHA) awards professional dermatological accreditation to products, services and brands around the world. It delivers these services by employing internationally qualified dermatologists and skin scientists to independently review products. The SHA also acts as a not-for-profit enterprise annually donating its surplus profits to skin disease charities and good causes.

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