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SilverGuard to launch new luxurious Supima® cotton bedding range


SilverGuard are pleased to announce the launch of a range of luxurious sateen woven Supima® cotton bedding. Now is the time to treat yourself to a great night’s sleep wrapped in sumptuous sheets and duvet covers, while resting your head on the soft pillowcases.

Why SilverGuard bedding?

Combining both Supima® cotton and IONIC+ antimicrobial technology, here is why we know our bedding range will give you a more comfortable night’s sleep.

  • Supima® cotton

All our bedding products are made using soft, dense and absorbent Supima® cotton for its premium quality and plush feel. The longer yarn length of Supima cotton ensures smoother surfaces that make for softer fabrics which are also resistant to pilling. Although Supima® is a luxurious type of bed linen, you can still wash normally and use them without worry. The bedding will continue to maintain its soft feel after repeated washing.

  • IONIC+ antimicrobial protection

The bed linen is made using a blend of Supima® and IONIC+ silver thread. The IONIC+ silver thread is weaved through the Supima® cotton which prevents the growth of bacteria, fungi and other pathogens. Why is this important? Your body can shed on average around 15 million skin cells in one night, while it has also been estimated that a person naturally produced over 95 litres of sweat in bed every year. This means that your bed linens can become a breeding ground for all kinds of bacteria. The IONIC+ silver thread technology works to prevent the growth of bacteria, making your bed environment a safer and cleaner place in between laundering.

  • Healthier Skin

The same technology also acts to be kind on your skin. Your bed linen comes into contact with your skin for around eight hours a day. Studies have found unwashed pillowcases and sheets had several thousand times more bacteria than a toilet seat. As such, traditional fabrics collect bacteria, only to transfer back onto your skin causing acne-prone skin to break out. SilverGuard bed linens allow for healthier skin by tackling acne, redness, and skin irritations as the silver thread technology eliminate acne-causing bacteria working to reduce breakouts on the skin.

  • Thermoregulating

With the bed linen being single-ply Supima®, this means that airflow and breathability is maintained throughout the fabric. This is further enhanced by the thermoregulating silver in our bed linen products which allows for sleep at the ideal temperature, every night, all year round. This is especially beneficial to anyone who tends to sweat at night or wake up continuously from becoming too warm. 

  • Anti Odour

SilverGuard IONIC+ silver thread technology also eliminates odour-producing bacteria which means you can enjoy fresher smelling sheets for longer.

The SilverGuard Bedding Range

The range comes in white and includes fitted and flat sheets, duvet covers, pillowcases and cot sheets to fit beds in the following sizes: single, double, King and Super King.

Our fitted sheets have been made to fit even the deepest mattresses up to 36cm deep and with a wider elastic delivering extra grip so the sheets stay put. This also means a snug fit for shallower mattresses.

For more information please contact us at:

SilverGuard Ltd


t: 0207 538 2678


SilverGuard is a UK-based company which produces an antimicrobial textile range using Noble biomaterials renowned IONIC+ antimicrobial silver thread technology. Our current consumer product range includes face masks and snoods, aprons and bed linens. New products which will be launched in the coming months include organic towels, tea towels, wash bags and more.

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