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Sleep Tips for Hot Weather


It is that time of year again when warmer and hotter weather can make getting a good night’s rest impossible. This can have a huge impact on your ability to function the next day and some.

Your bedroom should ideally be in the range of 18-24°C to enable a good night’s sleep, but when the heat rises this may not be achievable. A lack of sleep can affect both your mental and physical health including slowed reaction times, impaired judgement, high blood pressure as well as just being sleepy and irritable. 

Here are a few tips to try and stay cool while you sleep: 

Stay hydrated 

Keeping hydrated can help your body maintain a normal temperature. It is recommended that you drink between 1.5 and 2 litres a day. Make sure you stay hydrated by drinking water or diluted fruit juice. Try and avoid where possible tea, coffee, and alcohol, as they can contribute to dehydration. 


Create airflow 

Improving the airflow in your bedroom is key to maintaining a cool sleep environment. Open your windows to allow fresh air to flow into the room. You can also use a fan to help move the air around your room too, or if you really want to splash out then invest in an air conditioning unit!  


Keep blinds and curtains shut during the day 

You can close your blinds and/or curtains during the day to block out sunlight and to prevent heat build up and keep rooms cooler at night.  


Take something cool to bed with you 

The list here is endless. Starting from using a spray bottle filled with cold water to mist yourself, to using ice packs or cold compresses placed on your pulse points like your wrists and necks to try and lower your core body temperature. You could also try freezing a face cloth or filling a hot water bottle with water and freezing that to take to bed with you too. Failing all of the above, you could wrap yourself in a damp sheet otherwise known as the Egyptian sleep method! Doing this helps to lower your body temperature and provide a more comfortable sleep environment.  


Wear breathable pyjamas and choose lightweight bedding 

Choosing the right fabrics for both your pyjamas and your bedding can make a significant difference in regulating your body temperature while you sleep. You should definitely go for breathable and natural fabrics such as cotton, which allows for better airflow and moisture absorption. Synthetic materials tend to trap heart and can cause discomfort. Also consider changing your covers, whether it is a duvet or a blanket, to using a thinner flat sheet as a cover. 

IONIC+ silver thread technology and Supima Cotton blend creates a fabric that promotes optimal airflow, comfort and breathability that also acts to wicks away moisture. This helps you stay cool and comfortable on even the hottest of nights. 

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