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International Women’s Day 2024 – Inspire Inclusion


The theme for this year’s International Women’s Day 2024 is ‘Inspire Inclusion’. When we inspire others to understand and value women’s inclusion, we forge a better world. For us at SilverGuard we have thought how sportswomen have and continue to inspire our daughters participation and achievement in football and windsurfing respectively; something we are incredibly proud of and grateful for.



Watch the video here.


Ruby and Windsurfing

When people meet Ruby they never expect her to say that she’s a windsurfer and they don’t hide their surprise when they hear she’s a world champion and this has definitely had an impact on her. To quote Ruby she ‘never considered herself as sporty person’ but with the support of her coaches and some truly inspirational mentors she found her confidence and her love for the sport. She is now more determined and strives for the best she can be.

Ruby has had the privilege of being coached by some of the very best including Emma Labourne the Techno293 Head Coach for the RYA, Becky Ellis who’s been Ruby’s Head Coach for the London & South East Regional Training Group and taught her every rule in the book, Rachel Horton who’s also a RYA coach and Erin Watson. Ruby is hoping to see Emma Wilson in action, who also won her first world title when she was 12 and who won Bronze at the Tokyo Olympics and is heading off this summer to France with her sights set on Gold.

As her mum and brand sponsor, I am truly in awe of all that she is and what’s she achieved. 


Maya and Football

Maya has always dabbled in football, but only became serious about it in the last few years. We were incredibly lucky to watch England Women win the Euros at Wembley in 2022 and this has definitely spurred Maya on. She now plays for a local grassroots team, Vicky Park Rangers, and they themselves made the news recently for challenging our local council for letting girls have access to training facilities! Her team are also making a step up to play in the Junior Premier League next season as well. 

She is an avid Chelsea Women’s supporter, and is incredibly lucky to get to meet and talk to her real-life heroine’s after matches – thank you to Millie Bright, Hannah Hampton, Zecira Musovic, Ashley Lawrence and more for continuing to inspire Maya to succeed, not only in football, but all aspects of her life.





Windsurfing video credits thanks to James Hardy Windsurfing

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